Western Europe Commission on Higher Education


The Western Europe Commission on Higher Education is a voluntary collegiate, accreditation organization, serving campus colleges and universities located in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, United States (those offering international education), and International Distance Universities.

We regulate standards to formulate a strong basis for public and private education which accompanies the level of quality administration, instruction, and self regulation for colleges and universities to display our banner proudly.

Where does WECHE accredit?

The Western Europe Commission on Higher Learning (WECHE) a self-regulatory membership organization, serves the public and educational community by developing and applying standards, assessing the educational effectiveness of postsecondary educational institutions, universities and colleges of sciences.

Processes of self-evaluation and peer review utilizing the Association’s goals assure and improve the quality of institutions, which seek and hold WECHE accreditation. It also endeavors to inform public discourse about educational improvement. The association and its Commissions provide leadership within the education community in developing standards and applying peer review.